How-to-Buy Info & Status

Most kits are currently available on eBay (click on link below). A few things might be in testing or waiting for parts. As always I recommend placing a Saved Search on eBay for any item you are eager for that is not available now. You will get an email notification from eBay when it is available (theoretically).
I'm sorry I do not have waiting lists and I cannot notify anyone that any given item is posted.
Too busy soldering... :-)

The MIDI Patch Changer keypad is only available as a refurb going forward.

The Pro One TurboCPU+MIDI's DAC Board "CV Option" can be paid via paypal to PayPal.Me/GrantMTG/25 after your eBay purchase of a TurboCPU+MIDI. Email me if you have a question.

I almost always ship via USPS Priority Mail. It's fast and has good tracking. I apologize to international buyers for the price of shipping. Our postal service here in the US has been a political attack target since 2006 and as a result they are forced to charge large fees.

I now charge Sales Tax in California (7.25%). This is for California buyers only!

Everything is made and tested thoroughly by hand. Cheers!

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