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Note: Please email me privately (address on bottom of page). The idea here is to let you make offers on what I have until such time as I can price it all out.

Part Number			Package	info		Approx Quan
--------------			------------		-----------

TMS44C256-70DJ			PLCC			3 rails
MM74HC244N			DIP			5 chips
74HC138N			DIP			8 rails

CD17HC154E			0.6" DIP		5 chips
MM74HC154N			skinny DIP		13 rails
CD4098BE			DIP			~1 rail
SN7407N				DIP			~7 rails

RTG31051EH Realtek VGA		QFP			~500 chips
IRF520				TO-220			~1 rail
DS3695N				8 pin DIP		~4 rails

ICL7662CPA			8 pin DIP		~1 rail
ADM690AN			8 pin DIP		7 chips

HY6264A LP-10			28 DIP			4 chips
PIC16C54-RC/P			DIP			~2 rails
CAT28C64BP			28 DIP			~10 rails

CD4051BCN			DIP			~1000 chips
TC4068BP			DIP			~4000 chips
TC4093BP			DIP			~4000 chips

TC74HC151AP			DIP			~4000 chips
74HC164AP			DIP			~9 rails
TC74HC164AP			DIP			~3500 chips

MC74HC4538AN			DIP			6 chips
CD74HC04E			DIP			5 rails
MC68HC705			OTP DIP			13 chips

SN74HC02N			DIP			4 rails
SN74HC00N			DIP			7 chips
MM74C00N			DIP			~4 rails

SN74HC08N			DIP			2 rails
MM74C04N			DIP			~1 rail
MM74C02N			DIP			~2 rails
MM74C02J			CERDIP			9 chips

MM74C373N			DIP			5 rails
CD74HC253E			DIP			~19 rails
74HC393N			DIP			2.5 rails

M74HC541 B1			DIP			3.5 rails
MM74C08N			DIP			~8 rails
7406				DIP			6.5 rails

MC74HC165N			DIP			~8 rails
SN74HC05N			DIP			1 rail
MC74HC03AN			DIP			4 rails

CD74HC157E			DIP			1.8 rails
74HC175AP			DIP			5 chips
CD74HC20E			DIP			~250 chips

CD74HC125E			DIP			~2 rails
CD4514BE			0.6" DIP		7 chips
CD4015BE			DIP			1 rail

MC14002BCP			DIP			~13 rails
CD4075BE			DIP			1 rail
TC4071BP			DIP			5 rails

CD74HC221E			DIP			~16 rails
XRL555CP			8p DIP			1.75 rails
7555CN Signetics		8p DIP			1 rail

DS8921N				8p DIP			10 chips
UDN2985A			DIP			11 chips
DS1275				8p DIP			25 chips

Intel P8156H			40p DIP			0 chips
Sony CXK581000P-12L		32p DIP			3 chips
LH5168D-10L			29p skinny DIP		7 rails
 == TC5563APL-10L?

DG221CJ				DIP			sold
OKI M80C39			40p DIP			2 rails
NEC D80C39C			40p DIP			12 chips

Atmel AT89C2051-24SC		SOIC (prog'd?)		7 rails
Max691CPE			DIP			25 chips
ULN2803R			CERDIP			4 chips

CAT24C08P			8p DIP			2 rails
DG201CJ				DIP			sold
MAX538				8p DIP			20 chips

RTC58321A			DIP			2 rails
LM78L05ACZ			TO92			~25 parts

LM330T-5.0			TO220			~30 parts
TIP30				TO220			~30 parts

SCC2692AC1N28 Philips		28p DIP			10 chips
TMP47P00VN Toshiba		"DIP"			4 rails


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