Yamaha DX7 Backlit LCD and OLED Current Draw

Received a good question from Andy P. today, asking about the current draw for the OLEDs keeping in mind the DX7 has a very old power supply.**



Here are some numbers I came up with for a limited, but representative, sampling of what I have on hand.  These are actual current measurements, not voltage drop across diode measurements.

  • Original non-backlit LCD … 1mA
  • Yamaha’s updated backlit LCD … 24mA
  • My drop-in replacement backlit LCDs … 18mA
  • My drop-in replacement OLEDs … 21mA to 26mA

So I guess that the drop-in backlit LCDs save a little bit of power over the original and the OLEDs are about the same or maybe a few mA more. It should be noted that Yamaha offered the backlit kit for non-backlighted DX7’s for around $100USD back in the day. So I think we can conclude that the original DX7 had enough reserve current handling capacity for and additional 20-something mA at least.

** I haven’t had to rebuild any of these power supplies yet, but I have seen SXP90’s and DX7S’s that definitely stopped functioning due to power supply issues.



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