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New MTG Kawai R-50/R-50e to R50iii conversion kit

This is a kit loosely based on the R50iii that was a factory modified/upgraded R50 or R50e.  The factory had the advantage of starting with new blank circuit boards which current R50 owners do not.  Still, this expansion is pretty … Continue reading

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Kawai R100 QuadROM (x4) Board

It’s important to have a bunch of unfinished projects on the go 😉 so here is one more on my list. If you recall, I sell a PCB for the Kawaii R100 that has three EPROMs on it. This gives … Continue reading

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MTG R100 Builder – Kawai R100/R50 EPROM Builder Software

This software will enable you to create your own custom EPROMs (BIN files) for the Kawai R100 or R50/R50e legendary 12-bit drum machine/rhythm composers. In a nutshell you collect/create a bunch of WAV files, one for each of the 24 … Continue reading

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Kawai R100 DGU Compression Exposed

Just a quick note to say that I have made some progress with the Kawai R100 12-bit compression encoding. What Kawai are doing here, near as I can tell, is storing the sound data in logarithmic format. This allows them … Continue reading

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New MTG Kawai R100 ROM Switcher

As you may have seen in my previous post, my Kawai R-100 Drum Machine came with a 3-EPROM “soundswitcher”. Since this is no longer available, I thought I would make my own. It’s not an exact clone of the Drumware … Continue reading

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Kawai R100 Soundswitcher board by Drumware Inc.

Here are some photos of the ROM switcher board in my Kawai R-100 Drum machine. The expansion board is dated 1987. My unit contains three 4Mbit mask ROMs: MN234000KAA, MN234000KAB, MN234000KAC I think these ROMs are the original R100 and … Continue reading

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