Kawai R100 Soundswitcher board by Drumware Inc.

Here are some photos of the ROM switcher board in my Kawai R-100 Drum machine. The expansion board is dated 1987. My unit contains three 4Mbit mask ROMs:

MN234000KAA, MN234000KAB, MN234000KAC

I think these ROMs are the original R100 and R50 and the R50e judging by what I’ve read elsewhere on the web.  The sound format is 12-bit (non-linear) with a 32kHz sample rate.

P1030550 P1030548 P1030570


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  1. grantb4 says:

    I have successfully copied the ROMs, done a little analysis on them, and designed a ROM switcher board of my own.

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