Yamaha DX7 SuperMAX is in!



I have several of these NEW boards in. Great expansion and feature upgrade for the beloved DX7.

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  1. grantb4 says:

    By the way the photo above is one of the original boards from the 80′s or 90′s I would guess. The ones I have for sale are brand new.

    A couple of folks and I were speculating about how to keep the boards seated really well so that the DX7 was roadie-proof. The E! expansion screws in, but the SuperMAX just presses into place. We were thinking a Nerf ball or squash ball might work so that the lid pushed the ball against the board which keeps it pressed in tightly. I’m not sure it’s a big deal or not, thoughts…?

  2. grantb4 says:

    All sold now!

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