Korg Nu:Tekt NTS-1 MIDI In and Out

NTS-1 MIDI In and Out working

MIDI In and Out working

While waiting on the availability of the Korg Nu:Tekt NTS-1 Custom Panel Rev C, I thought I would play around a bit with MIDI In, Out and Thru for the thing. I might make a board that provides 5-pin DIN MIDI and A:B switchable TRS MIDI and maybe activity LEDs.  Proof of concept worked out OK and I have functional IN and OUT.  The mod would require soldering, but nothing major.

In the meantime, if someone knows of a Custom Panel Rev C that is available as bare board or stuffed, please pass the info on. There are a couple of options out there now, but not ideal.

I’m a bit disgruntled about the amount of software that needs to be installed to do firmware development, but I guess they wanted to make the coding easier than putting together the toolset. 🙂


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