Kawai R100 QuadROM (x4) Board

It’s important to have a bunch of unfinished projects on the go 😉 so here is one more on my list. If you recall, I sell a PCB for the Kawaii R100 that has three EPROMs on it. This gives the R100 user access to all 3 Kawai factory sound ROMs. And the ROMs in question are pretty large (40 pins). Each sound ROM contains a full set of 24 instruments.  I call this the standard 3x board and you can see it on a previous post here: http://musictechnologiesgroup.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/P1030676.jpg

And now, the new 4x:

Kawai R100 QuadROM board

4x sound ROM memory expansion

I recently started playing with even bigger EPROMs (42 pins). This means I can put all 3 factory sound ROMs in one chip and still have a bank left over for more custom sounds.  This board I’m calling the “QuadROM” 4x board. See above. It can hold 4 sets of 24 instruments in the one chip. Less soldering for me.

P1040416 P1040417 Of course in both cases the user can make their own EPROMs using my R100 Builder software, but for the 4x it means you need a pretty decent programmer since the cheapie programmers may not do the 42 pin EPROM; at least not without an adapter.

Also, because there are now 4 banks, it means a simple 3-position toggle switch won’t do. I have to invest in a quality 4-position rotary switch that is still small enough to fit in the R100.  Anyway fun stuff on a Saturday. I will work on it more as time allows and see what comes of it.

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7 Responses to Kawai R100 QuadROM (x4) Board

  1. krivx says:

    Are boards or memory images available? I would like to try this but can’t find links to R50/E dumps online.

    • grantb4 says:

      I sell 3 boards/kits: R100 3x, R100 4x and R50 3x. The only one I have built up at the moment is the R100 4x, but I will get to the others as time permits.

  2. peinturier says:

    I’m really interested in the customizable EPROM
    But I don’t get how you link this to your computer…

    Thanks in advance,

  3. grantb4 says:

    I”m actually working on one for the R50 family now as well. There are the 3 sound banks that Kawai offered back then.

    In order to add more new/different sounds to the R100 or R50 you can use my software along with an EPROM programmer to make new chips. They aren’t particularly expensive.

    Alternatively, you can buy chips. I don’t make them myself, but there are other people who have made them and sell them. Just search for R100 or R50 sound chips.

  4. Flavio says:

    Hi Grant – sounds really nice!
    So can you confirm that the kits are both still available (the one with 3 drum kits and the one with 4)?

  5. Gadjodu13006 says:

    Hello good people !
    Anyone still selling those QuadBoard Roms ?
    Very much interested as I acquired an R100 recently.


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