TurboCPU – Updates and Software

It’s been about two years since I touched the TurboCPU code.  I should have v1.20 ready soon.

Here is what I have fixed so far:

  • The envelope was not retriggering when you lifted one of two keys held down when RETRIG switch up. I fixed this so that the TurbopCPU behaves like the original in this regard.
  • Downloading SEQ2 over MIDI would mess up SEQ1. This has also been fixed.

I will look at a few more things before I button this release up and post it on the web.

In other news, I thought I should release the Windows “editor” software I use for testing and working with the TurboCPU+MIDI. It allows one to change any setting instead of having to use the power-on keyboard method, so much nicer in that regard. It also allows you to manage sequences over Sys Ex. I’m going to try and add firmware updating to it before I post it. The CV/DAC part isn’t finished yet but I will add that as time permits. Here’s a look at what I have so far. Email me if you want to try it.




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2 Responses to TurboCPU – Updates and Software

  1. grantb4 says:

    The APPL is available now on my main web page for the TurboCPU+MIDI. I added firmware updating but have not had time to add the CV/DAC stuff yet. The ZIP file includes the v1.20 firmware.

  2. grantb4 says:

    I’ve added the CV/DAC page. It’s not as nice as an iPad editor but it does the trick. I need to make the DAC selection a little easier to follow and save/load “presets”. But it’s functional and you can reassign the mod wheel to pitch, cutoff or resonance (for instance) and the synth remembers that setting.

    I’m also toying with adding velocity to one of the DAC channels. So if’ you are controlling the synth via a MIDI keyboard you can use the velocity value to control whatever you like.

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