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There have been several major updates to the software and firmware for the MPC keypad over the past year. This latest software update (v3.22) fixes a minor bug you might encounter when using the Pre- or Post- Program Change arbitrary MIDI data.  The current firmware is v3.20.

Check out the keypad page to download the latest software.



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6 Responses to MIDI Patch Changer Keypad – updates

  1. Ed Sheldon says:

    I wish you true success in your transplant.
    I would appreciate very much speaking with you regarding your MPG keypad.
    Is it possible for me to call you or SKYPE
    Thank you very much!

  2. grantb4 says:

    Ok folks, I have uploaded v3.31 of the PC editor for the MIDI Patch Changer. There are several bugfixes regarding Preset Navigation and the MIDI Events Editor. As well by popular demand a “Cancel” button has been added to the Midi Events Editor so that you can abandon your changes. Sorry that took so long. The web page and manual need updating a little, but the latest stuff is online at:


  3. Michael Webster says:

    Is there a sysex command or CC message that the MPC can receive to perform the same action as pressing the enter key or clear key? .I would like to start /stop/proceed chains remotely from the keypad

  4. grantb4 says:

    Not at this time, but it’s not a bad idea. I’ve made products before where the whole UI could be operated remotely (including the LCD content). There are a few folks that have added a jack or two to control buttons via footswitch. I will put this on my To-Do list though.

  5. Bruce Murphy says:

    I need to send patch change info to 10 synths on stage at once. This looks great.

    Best Regards

    Men Without Hats

  6. Jim Inman says:

    If the keypad is what it appears to be, it’s the only thing that would do what I wish to do. Any used ones out there?

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