MTG TurboCPU+MIDI+CV v1.30 Beta Firmware and PC Software Available

I’m just finishing up the v1.30 firmware and a basic PC editor for the TurboCPU. This version will not be the shipping version for a while yet, but you can get your hands on in now if you are interested.  The main feature for the CPU firmware is support for receiving MIDI Note-On VELOCITY.  So at the moment there are now 5 sources of MIDI data in the CV code:

  • Pitch Bend Wheel
  • Modulation Wheel/LFO2 (LFO2 is a second LFO done in the firmware)
  • Manual CC 1
  • Manual CC 2
  • Note-On Velocity

You can pick up to three sources at a time and assign them to these destinations:

  • DAC1: OSC1/OSC2 Frequency (default is to send pitch bend data here)
  • DAC 2: VCF Cutoff (default is to send mod wheel to LFO2 to here)
  • DAC 3: VCF Resonance (default is to assign this to a manual continuous controller)

The latest User Manual has been updated to reflect the changes. EMAIL ME for copies of the firmware, manual and software.

SCI Pro One Editor

TurboCPU Editor CV Panel

Also you can update the firmware using this application which is probably easier than MIDIOX. There is an earlier blog post describing the editor software in greater detail


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2 Responses to MTG TurboCPU+MIDI+CV v1.30 Beta Firmware and PC Software Available

  1. Jun Kamata says:

    Hi could you please email me the latest software? Thank you!

  2. grantb4 says:


    I have updated the main page on with the latest software and firmware.


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