Pro One TurboCPU v1.32 – Again with the updates

Further refinements to both the firmware and PC software. The main changes are in the firmware and they are:

  • When the Sequencer is driven by the MIDI clock with Seq Tie Disabled, the gate time is now 50%. Previously it was far too short. This is a bugfix.
  • There are no longer any communications with the DAC unless there is a voltage that needs updating. This reduces digital traffic on the I2C lines and reduces the CPU burden as well.
  • Added waveform #11 called “Drum” to LFO2. When used in conjunction with KeySync ON, provides a single downward ramp per note played. Perfect for resonant feedback style drum synth sounds.
  • Added a SysEx command to reset the synth to Factory Defaults.

The last two items are also supported in the software. For now these are available by request only. I will put them on the web site when I get time.


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