MIDI Patch Changer: Set Patch Range Hack

Here is a relatively easy hack to let you change how the MPC keypad display MIDI Program Change numbers: as 1-to-128 or 0-to-127. This setting is made available as kind of a “hidden” feature. Hidden in the sense that you have to send a System Exclusive (Sys Ex) command to the keypad to turn it on and off.

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First of all, here is the manual description for the feature:

Set Patch Range

You can set the range for the Patch Change values to be 1-128 or 0-127.  Underneath, the firmware always transmits the hex values according to the MIDI Spec. (0x00 to 0x7F hex which is 0 to 127 decimal), but most MIDI gear uses 1 to 128 for patches.

NOTE: The editor/librarian only supports program change numbers 1 to 128.

You can send either one of these Sys Ex commands at any time. You don’t need to put the keypad in any special mode. To send a command you will need a utility program such as MIDIOX or SendsSX, or perhaps you can a way of sending Sys Ex from a Sequencer PC application.  Here are the commands:

  • F0 7D 22 22 09 00 00 F7
  • F0 7D 22 22 09 00 01 F7

The first is for range 0 to 127 and the second is for range 1 to 128.


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One Response to MIDI Patch Changer: Set Patch Range Hack

  1. grantb4 says:

    This hack mainly applies to v3.00 and higher. v2.79 actually has a menu item for this.

    Also note you cannot field upgrade a v2.xx keypad to v3.xx. There were hardware changes made to expand the memory for v3.00.

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