MIDI Patch Change Editor v3.31

Ok folks, I have uploaded v3.31 of the PC editor for the MIDI Patch Changer. There are several bugfixes regarding Preset Navigation and the MIDI Events Editor. As well, by popular demand, a “Cancel” button has been added to the Midi Events Editor so that you can abandon your changes. Sorry that took so long. The web page and manual need updating a little, but the latest stuff is online at:

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  1. grantb4 says:

    Also, the “Patch Range Hack” described in the earlier blog post below has been incorporated as a regular UTIL menu item.

  2. André Bouchard says:

    Hi Grant…It’s done ! Thanks a lot for the quick answer…I wish you big succes with this smart product for all the keyboard players…a midi foot controller is not the best solution for me because I’m already managing 3 sustain pedals + another one for general fade in and out…and I spend a lot of time making my keyboards sounds and splits so I need an midi patch changer…friendly user!
    Thanks again 🙂


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