MIDI Control Surface for Pro One

I just ordered a Behringer BCF2000 MIDI Control Surface and will be looking at creating a template that maps all the changeable parameters to the knobs buttons and sliders. Hopefully there are enough controls on this unit. I wanted the BCF for the motorized faders because I thought that would be way cool for programming the new soft LFO (LFO2).

I’m also going to experiment with making LFO2 sync the waveform start to user keypresses. I was playing with the negative ramp wave assigned to pitch control. This is, of course, the way synth drum sounds are often made — falling pitch.

I’m still a couple of weeks out on finishing the “CV” module (DAC and possibly A/D). So much to do … super exciting though.

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  1. grantb4 says:

    I have been using an Oxygen8 and a Behringer BCF2000 for controlling the MIDIfied Pro One in my tests. I will certainly upload some templates soon. It also occurs to me that since Alesis MMT-8’s are so cheap these days, <$50, that it might be interesting to repurpose that and use it as a MIDI control surface for the Pro One.

  2. Carlos Moralejo says:

    I got so excited seeing all the superb work your doing for the Pro One. Now I control my pro one with a Kenton Pro Solo Midi/CV converter, but your solution sounds much better. It opens up so many new possibilities. Can’t wait to get the CPU+Midi+CV

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