MIDI Jack mounting

I have received some photos from users showing off their TurboCPU+MIDI installations, but don’t have them at hand right now. What I do have is an interesting photo from the old Oberheim DX or DMX that shows yet another way to mount the MIDI jacks. This might be an interesting option for the Sequential Pro One too:

Sequential Pro One MIDI

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  1. grantb4 says:

    A few people have done this themselves by the way…


  2. grantb4 says:

    If anyone in the UK or thereabout is looking for a decent MIDI IN/OUT board to go along with a TurboCPU (one that does not yet have MIDI), check this one out. Easier than doing one by hand and probably cheaper than ordering just the MIDI part from me and having it sent across the pond.


    Almost identical to mine. Watch the pin numbering when wiring and note the direction of Tx/Rx. Has the same optional LEDs and THRU like mine does, but no allowance for the extra DAC/CV board.

    Do NOT ever use those heinous Arduino boards. None of them seem to have the buffers spec’d by the MIDI Manufacturers Association.

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