Yamaha DX7 OS without Active Sensing

While peeking around at the various DX7 firmware versions I was able to identify the code that is responsible for the DX7 transmitting $FE (MIDI Active Sensing) constantly.  I did not have the time to look at adding a menu item for it, so I just disabled it. If anyone is disgruntled by the DX7 sending MIDI $FE (Active Sensing) then this will alleviate your pain.

This link points to the updated v1.8 firmware that I renamed v1.8a:


This link points to the updated Special Edition ROM firmware, SER7, that I renamed SER7a:


One other issue that kind of irked me about the DX7 is the burst of MIDI Note-Off events and controller settings that occur at power on. I haven’t had time to sort that out yet.


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  1. Gen. Purpose says:

    Many Thanks mate.
    I will test it very soon.

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