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TurboCPU v1.40 (beta) is available

A new version of the TurboCPU+MIDI firmware has been uploaded to the website, along with a new version of the Windows application TurboCPU.exe. Added: “MIDI Note Priority” which supports 4 modes: Lowest Note, Highest Note, Last Note and my original … Continue reading

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MIDI Patch Change Editor v3.31

Ok folks, I have uploaded v3.31 of the PC editor for the MIDI Patch Changer. There are several bugfixes regarding Preset Navigation and the MIDI Events Editor. As well, by popular demand, a “Cancel” button has been added to the … Continue reading

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MIDI Patch Changer: Set Patch Range Hack

Here is a relatively easy hack to let you change how the MPC keypad display MIDI Program Change numbers: as 1-to-128 or 0-to-127. This setting is made available as kind of a “hidden” feature. Hidden in the sense that you … Continue reading

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A Plethora of DX7 Backlit LCDs

I had a chance to grab a bunch of LCD’s for the original Yamaha DX7 and picked up a variety of colors.  They are all really nice and look much better than my photography suggests.

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TurboCPU DAC/CV Option – New Parts Source?

I made an interesting discovery on the web today. There are a lot of companies making “Breakout Boards” and “SMT to DIP Adapters” but I’ve never found an assembled one for the MCP4728 DAC used in the TurboCPU’s CV/DAC option … Continue reading

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Time for Kidney Transplant

Hey kids, I’m getting a new kidney.  Wish me luck!  Soldering and programming to resume as soon as I’m able, but I imagine that’s at least a few months away.  

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Pro One TurboCPU v1.32 – Again with the updates

Further refinements to both the firmware and PC software. The main changes are in the firmware and they are: When the Sequencer is driven by the MIDI clock with Seq Tie Disabled, the gate time is now 50%. Previously it … Continue reading

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MTG TurboCPU+MIDI+CV v1.30 Beta Firmware and PC Software Available

I’m just finishing up the v1.30 firmware and a basic PC editor for the TurboCPU. This version will not be the shipping version for a while yet, but you can get your hands on in now if you are interested.  … Continue reading

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MIDI Patch Changer Keypad – updates

There have been several major updates to the software and firmware for the MPC keypad over the past year. This latest software update (v3.22) fixes a minor bug you might encounter when using the Pre- or Post- Program Change arbitrary … Continue reading

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TurboCPU – Updates and Software

It’s been about two years since I touched the TurboCPU code.  I should have v1.20 ready soon. Here is what I have fixed so far: The envelope was not retriggering when you lifted one of two keys held down when … Continue reading

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